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A new approach to offering and searching for work. A concrete answer to the crisis in labour market.


Freedom, flexibility and sharing thanks to technology. Be part of the community.


View profile, skills and reviews of who is around you. Give work to the person who satisfies you the most.

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Doityo encourages personal initiatives and micro entrepreneurship. Earn money thanks to your skills.


A direct link to make contact. Doityo cancels distances and waiting time.


Offer and search for work at any moment anywhere. You just need an internet connection and of course our App

Download the app

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News from the blog

Following Doityo blog will allow you to learn how to use the App in the best way thanks to a range of tips and suggestions. It is also very useful to be always up-to-date about all the news.

  • Testimonial
    Davide Alfano , Fondatore e CEO

    I wanted to fulfil a simple need and then I understood that Doityo could be more than that. The labour market must not be shared between rights and duties, but based on the virtuosity of “the joint sharing of work”.

  • Testimonial
    Samantha Caccamo, Founder & CEO, Social Business Earth

    Doityo is an innovative solution to offer work locally and at the same time satisfies the needs of people who look for occasional services such as repairs and do not know where to look for it. The App which you can download on your smartphone allows you to offer occasional work to people with good skills that are in difficulty or in need.

  • Testimonial
    Alessandro Trivilini, Ingegnere informatico

    I consider Doityo a modern and innovative application which offers a new and immediate approach to the labour market in order to make direct contact between search and offer. A different way of working which looks forward to the future and is aimed at the optimization of the relationship between who has specific competences in your region and who because of any challenge needs to profit immediately with the maximum of efficiency and professionalism.

  • Testimonial
    Alice Barozzini,

    Every great project always starts from a little idea and if that idea responds to a real need everybody will be welcome and share it enthusiastically. I firmly believe that Doityo will start this process of sharing in our reality and that in a short time it will become an essential instrument for everyday use.


Here are some quick suggestions about how to use the best of Doityo’s potential to search for and offer work.


Just enter your details or connect through Facebook and in few moments you will be able to use the App to join the Doityo Community.

Search for work

Create your complete profile, describe your tasks, experiences and capacities. You can candidate and be contacted for a work.

Offer work

Verify who corresponds to your needs, send them a job offer and wait for the answer.

Your request for help

Describe your needs and choose the skills you are looking for and send a help request to all the users that you think can help you.

Give your opinion

After having offered or accepted a job do not forget to give your feedback about the user you have worked with. Reputation is fundamental for Doityo.

Use the agenda

The agenda allows future employees to verify your availability. Maintaining it up-to-date is important for you and for who is searching for you.

Our Team

This project brings great enthusiasm not only because it believes that Doityo can be very useful for everybody, but also because we are deeply convinced that it is possible to create a new vision of the labour market.
Davide AlfanoCEO e Fondatore

Davide Alfano

CEO e Fondatore

A 50 year old entrepreneur from the old-economy started this new adventure because of a shower box he had to install at home. Difficulties in the assembly and with nobody at home who could help. Fond of technologies he decided that something had to be done. So he invented Doityo, a new approach to the labour market and also invented a new philosophy  “the joint sharing of work”. It is known where he started from with Doityo, but not where he will arrive.

In the meanwhile, between family, companies and startup, he is looking for…. a bit of time.

MANU AND JEANINETranslators (and entertainers)


Translators (and entertainers)

Joung (same as CEO) are the two translators of Doityo! Taken on to translate 2 lines, they found themselves with 4,6,8,10 ….. the entire site and the App in 4 languages. Despite the cheat they didn’t give up and were fundamental for the success of the publication within the established terms. Among their many engagements as mums and workers, they put themselves at disposal for the adventure of Doityo. Thanks!

Marco MartinoConsulente di comunicazione

Marco Martino

Consulente di comunicazione

Young, fresh graduate (Bachelor in Science of Interlinguistic and Intercultural Mediation and Master in Economics and International Politics) has been invited by the creator of Doityo to join this ambitious project. Firmly convinced of the quality of the idea, he is responsible for Doityo Communication. He used to manage a lot of different projects and he enjoys being part of the Doityo Team to which he can finally practice what he learned in theory during the years of his studies.

Andrea ZicchettiCTO

Andrea Zicchetti


Born in 1982, he graduated from Milan Polytechnic in Computing Science. He is fond of Linux, open source technologies and programming at a low level in Assembly and C. In the last few years he worked in the web world and developed cross-platform solutions for mobile devices. Enthusiast of the intuition that started Doityo he partecipates in the development of the project and turns the ideas into products as fast as possible.


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Contact us

This space is for your communication. If you have questions or you need information, if you want to make suggestions, report something or simply express your opinion, you can fill out the following fields using the email address and/or the telephone number.

Where are we

Alka Business sagl
cp 305
6815, Melide – SWITZERLAND

Contact details

t: +41 91 6495030, f: +41 91 6495031

Opening hours

From 9:00 to 18:00
From Monday to Friday